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Founded as a trade magazine for the entertainment industry over 110 years ago and launching the Hot 100, an internationally recognized music chart 50 years ago, Billboard is one of the most prestigious American music brands in the world and continues to grow through various mediums such as its magazine subscribed in over 100 countries, website and events.
As of August 24, 2006, we have entered into an exclusive master license agreement of the Billboard brand for the territory of Japan and have stood as its total agent in development and growth of the brand in numerous areas.

Opening in the summer of 2007 at Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo and Herbis Plaza ENT in Osaka, top class international and Japanese artists have performed at Billboard Live. Comfortable interior, fine dining and beverages are provided by first-class chefs to enhance a luxurious musical experience.
Located in the 2 biggest cities, the musical and cultural centers of Japan, it has served as a luxurious entertainment facility and has been loved by a lot of customers.

In addition to the distribution of the Billboard US charts, the Japanese charts calculated utilizing the methodology of the US charts was launched in the winter of 2008 and is also responsible for administration of BillboardJapan.com and distributing daily news written by writers of Billboard magazine to various media.

Releasing cover albums incorporating the Billboard chart, live albums and original recordings by first-rate overseas and Japanese artists. Publicity and sales are done utilizing the Billboard Live infrastructure.
Also specializes in production, sales and licensing of merchandise made in collaboration with artists performing at Billboard.

Specializing in 'gospel', the Soul Bird music school takes pride in providing the full fledged lessons by instructors from overseas by utilizing know of Billboard Live. School has presence nationwide in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Live broadcasting of professional baseball team "The Hanshin Tigers" home games as "Tigers Ai" through various network including satellite and terrestrial channels, operating mobile website, production and sales of Tigers related contents, as well as controlling music copyright and production of CD/DVD and promotion video, commercial films.

As a sole advertising agency of Hanshin Group, we plan and operate sales promotion as well as campaign for clients utilizing billboards at Hanshin Koshien Baseball Stadium and advertising spece on Hanshin Electric Railway. Especially tie-up with baseball stadium, baseball team, railway system, real estates and leisure related facilities are unique feature of "Hanshin".

We handle planning, fabrication and installation of commercial signage, guiding signage and various kinds of displays. We take pride in creating tastefull design to match any urban spaces both interior and exterior.